Cambridge Curriculum

Ten reasons to choose Cambridge International Examinations

More than 9000 schools in over 160 countries are part of the Cambridge learning community. Here are some of the reasons why they chose Cambridge.

  1. Thousands of learners use our qualifications to get places at universities worldwide.
  2. Our international education programmes have a proven reputation for being an excellent preparation for university, employment and life.
  3. We are a part of the University of Cambridge and a not-for-profit organisation.
  4. We help Cambridge schools and teachers prepare their learners to be confident, responsible, reflective, innovative and engaged.
  5. We offer a clear structure to guide learners’ progression from the start of primary to the end of secondary education.
  6. Our curriculum is flexible to integrate and stimulating to teach. Schools can choose all or part of it to suit their learners’ needs.
  7. We offer a wide range of subjects – available in any combination.
  8. We provide first-class support for teachers through publications, online resources, training and professional development.
  9. We invest constantly in research and development to improve our programmes and qualifications.
  10. 98 per cent of Cambridge schools say they would recommend us to other schools.

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